Megan Gilmour- Owner Appleseed Services

Jessica is one of the most driven people I have ever met. Her eagerness to not only learn, but master new skills amazes and inspires me. Jessica is extremely organized and mindful of her and her clients time. Her reporting is thorough yet efficient. Her training is extremely informative yet fun and personal. I look forward to working with Jessica on projects for years to come. 

Justin Tardio- E-Commerce Website Owner

Jessica and her team were instrumental in getting my business off the ground and were most likely responsible for at least half my sales. If it weren't for SSM, I probably would have thrown in the towel ages ago. I don't do the Twitter and the whosawhatsit and all of that stuff was taken care of for me. Seriously, great service, great ROI and overall great everything! A+++! 

Lynne Sagen- The Tech Super Hero

I love working with Jessica,  she's my go to gal,  and one of my number one referral resources.  With Jessica I know what I need is done right the first time,  and I know I'm in good hands.  She's resourceful,  and  creative.  Love her work,  having her on my hot list takes a huge load off my system I can do what I do best. 

Alexa T. - Ark Naturals- Natural Pet Products

I've worked with Jessica for some years now and her services and commitment have always been stellar. She's attentive, creative and true asset to any business. 

Brian Berg- CEO- BB Direct Marketing Firm

I've worked with Jessica for a few years now. She is a great asset to our business and reliable to a fault. Jessica knows her work. She's been able to "upgrade" our social media presence beyond my expectations, and above all, she makes the process easy for even me. Jessica is a pleasure to work with and recommend her to anyone in need of a considering a new media strategy. 

Julie Wolk - Business Guided By Nature

Jessica is a total lifesaver. Like I honestly don't know how I would run my business without her. She is ON IT. Super organized, super detail-oriented, I do not have to worry about things slipping through the cracks because she has some damn-good system for keeping track of my 8 gazillion requests.  Her breadth and depth of knowledge is impressive. She can suggest multiple options because she knows a ton of them. She knows all the tools and apps or can research them and figure out which ones will be best for my biz. Plus, she's a problem solver. If she doesn't know the answer, she finds it or creates it. 

Janice Masters - The Shaman Mama

Where do I even begin to sing the praises of this amazing young woman? Jessica Bonin is the consummate professional, with a healthy dose of fun and humor. She not only has been able to do an excellent job with everything I have asked her to do with my website, courses and classes,  social media, blog, emails, etc., but when something is out of her wheelhouse she finds the perfect person to take it on and get it done. She's creative and Innovative and has made great suggestions that have made my business run more easily and smoothly. I can relax knowing she's taking care of things for me. 

Jessica is smart, educated, well-trained, responsible, reliable, assertive, and an excellent communicator... and she is now a cherished friend. If you're looking for a VA to help support you to succeed in your business, I recommend her without reservation!

Dr. Maria Michael- Lakota Elder, Healer and Activist

Jess Sala has been an incredible asset to my business, Amethyst Wisdom Keepers as a healer and spiritual leader, as a Lakota/ Dine(Navajo) Traditional Elder who does traditional Native ceremonies, our work at of Standing Rock there and behind the scenes and for me personally. We have been involved more projects than is humanely possible in these times of the Great paradigm shift from power and greed to Prayer and Love to shift our world. She has been a compassionate, caring person with so much knowledge, savvy and gift for the creative. When we were rushing to get out of town and head back to Standing Rock for another last minute trip to help do the honoring for the Veterans, and a trip of service, it was her and her husband who located a -30 degree sleeping bag for us in CA! Such dedication to her clients and so gifted with the digital realm. It is my distinct pleasure to recommend her without reservation, and my only concern is that she will have no time for us! The level of respect, integrity and love with which she will be in your life is immeasurable and something money cannot dictate.   

Colleen Hawthorne, M.D. , Founder/CEO Vibrant C-Suite, LLC

When I was starting my new business, I knew I wanted more than a good VA (virtual assistant). I wanted a virtual team that caught my vision, was dynamic, dependable and knew how to take charge and get the job done, without excuses. I’m so grateful that my wish was granted when along came…

EVA Sala... my Executive Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire...Jessica Sala-Bonin (and The Boys plus Lil' Mew).

My EVA and her amazing team has helped me to quickly take my business to a whole new level. 

Maria Nhambu, Author: Dancing Soul Trilogy & Speaker

I bless the day I found Jessica Sala! I was sure that my prayers for finding a Virtual Assistant who was respectful, sensitive, encouraging, professional, knowledgeable, innovative fun and funny - had been answered. I am from Tanzania, and in my language (Swahili) Sala means Prayer

She has patiently held my hand as I learned the basics of Social Media and the digital world, and educated me as though I were a friend - a friend she cared about - a friend for whom she went to great lengths to understand and accommodate, in spite of our cultural differences.

Thank you, Jessica. May your professional talents and generosity towards your clients reward you  always. 

Steve Racz- CEO CBD Digital World


A quick note to express my appreciation for all of you and your team’s hard work. I have been extremely happy with our partnership. The work you do is vital to our success. Its rare to find a relationship that really works. You provide comfort in knowing that when we work on something it gets done, and the right way. You are a tremendous communicator which insures we do not operate in a vacuum. This is a critical element to any successful relationship. We look forward to a long relationship and your continued involvement.